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Dribbling Skills

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Players will learn to control the ball when sprinting at full speed and avoiding defenders. Better dribbling skills allow them to execute more creative plays because they can create space and time and keep possession with the ball at their foot. Like any skill, practice makes perfect with dribbling.

Passing Skills

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Passing the ball is a key part of soccer. The purpose of passing is to keep possession of the ball by maneuvering it on the ground between different players with the objective of advancing it up the playing field using different types of passing combinations. Better passing skills will allow the player to make accurate passes to teammates allowing their team to keep possession.

Shooting Skills

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shot with the inside of the foot will have greater accuracy, but an instep (laces) with good follow-through will have greater power. Planting and aiming the non-kicking foot alongside the ball while keeping the head down, eyes on the ball and body over the ball when striking will develop good striking skills and scoring opportunities.


It is important to understand that not every child is born to be an athlete. As parents, we have the tendency to see our own children play sports, for our very own reasons. Dreams of multi-million dollar contracts, Olympic glory and college scholarships have many parents pushing their children harder than ever to play sports. However, pushing your child into playing sports may negatively impact your child's emotional development and damage the parent-child bond, especially if the child expresses he or she does not want to play. One of the great parenting dilemmas is when to push our kids and when to back off. We at VSA believe that parents should push their kids to play team sports at an early age. Being part of a team gives kids a sense of belonging, broadens their social world and can build lifetime memories and friendships, as they grow with their peers on working toward a common goal.

VSA - 2019

Villaverde Soccer Academy (VSA) is a developmental training club for youth players, ages 5 – 12, who want to improve and learn individual footwork, ball skills, positioning, technical shooting and passing, tactical combinations and enhance confidence into the attacking third. VSA has highly experienced trainers that work with youth soccer. This upcoming spring, VSA will be offering their training regimen for local youth soccer players in the Southwest Florida area.


Joining VSA will provide the player the ability to improve their soccer skills and gain a competitive and intense soccer experience along side other players and trainers.

Attending VSA training sessions will allow the player to improve and showcase their skills on the soccer field.



VSA is not for every child. VSA is a highly intense training academy that focuses on individual player skill development and team tactical strategies. VSA’s training regimen can be demanding with lots of repetitive drills which requires player stamina and the ability to focus and process information quickly. Players who are part of VSA will gain the necessary soccer skills and knowledge for competitive play. Before enrolling your child at VSA, please review the “Player Trainee” section on the website.

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