Frequently asked questions are answered below with the most common questions prospective trainees might have. If you don't see your question listed, just send us an email with your question(s) and we'll respond with an answer. Send your question to: info@vsatraining.com

What will my child learn?

Player will improve footwork, ball skills, positioning, technical shooting and passing, tactical combinations and enhance confidence into the attacking third.

Do you give discounts for signing up siblings?

Yes, siblings will receive $5 off per training session (not offer for events)

How many trainers does VSA have?

VSA has three highly experienced trainers. We will be adding more in the future as the club grows.

How do I know my child is ready for soccer training?

When your child has shown he or she has a grasp of the game and is self-motivated.

Does VSA have a soccer team?

VSA is only a training club and does not currently have any competitive soccer teams, but will be adding teams in the future as the academy grows.

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