Travel Team

Parents after several requests, I have decided to start a travel girls soccer team this year. Tryouts will be held sometime in June. Depending on how many players tryout and then selected will determine if more than one team will be created. The team may go independent or be picked up by a club.

Note to the Parents: Not every child will be ready to play at this level. Travel soccer is a more competitive level of youth soccer where players have to tryout to be selected to play on a competitive travel soccer team. The games and tournaments will be more regional and statewide than local. The travel soccer team will have a bigger time commitment and cost more than recreational soccer. Parents will also have to commit to paying training fees and participate in fundraising events and help find sponsors. Playing on this travel soccer team will require your child to be committed and show the ability to learn skills and handle high-intensity conditioning. Practices will be 1 1/2 hours a day twice a week. Games will be scrimmages with other competitive clubs. The team will be registered under FYSA and will focus and train primarily to play in tournaments around the state. The goal is to select a group of quality players to create a team and keep the core of the players together to compete at a high level over the years. If your child is interested in playing on a travel soccer team, please complete the form below.

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*More detailed information will be covered at the meeting to include fundraising, travel and game/tournament scheduling.
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