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VSA is not for every child. VSA is a highly intense training academy that focuses on individual player skill development and team tactical strategies. VSA’s training regimen can be demanding with lots of repetitive drills which requires player stamina and the ability to focus and process information quickly. Players who are part of VSA will gain the necessary soccer skills and knowledge for competitive play. Before enrolling your child at VSA, please review the “Player Trainee” section on the website.


VSA - 2022

Villaverde Soccer Academy (VSA) is a developmental training club for youth players, ages 5 – 12, who want to improve and learn individual footwork, ball skills, positioning, technical shooting and passing, tactical combinations and enhance confidence into the attacking third. VSA has highly experienced trainers that work with youth soccer. This upcoming spring, VSA will be offering their training regimen for local youth soccer players in the Southwest Florida area.


Joining VSA will provide the player the ability to improve their soccer skills and gain a competitive and intense soccer experience along side other players and trainers. Attending VSA training sessions will allow the player to showcase and improve their skills on the soccer field.

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